USD 6.5B of VC/PE investment in lifesciences firms in June’21

We recorded 114 VC/PE transactions pertaining to the global life sciences sector for June 2021, aggregating to a sum of USD 6.47B.

The USA recorded 69 transactions aggregating to a total investment of USD 3.26B. China reported investment of USD 886m from 11 VC/PE transactions. Rest of the world accounted for 39 transactions aggregating to USD2.3B. UK companies featured in 2 of the top 5 transactions in Jun’21.

In the first six months of 2021, US has accounted for 57% of VC/PE transactions in lifesciences space, pulling in USD23B of investment; followed by China which has seen USD8.2B of investment, accounting for about a fifth of the global total.

45 transactions were reported in R&D stage companies, aggregating 40% of total investments for June 21.

Technology focused investments via Digital Health and Health Tech saw 24% of the amount invested in June 21, over 27 transactions.

June’21 saw Chinese companies report a total fund raise of USD 1.4B, continuing the relative slowdown in deal making activity in China since the beginning of this year.

  • June month saw one public issuance; Hutchmed raised USD537m from a listing at Hong Kong stock exchange.
  • In June, Chinese companies announced a relatively modest 6 cross-border in/out licensing or JV transactions, of which Zai Lab, the leaders in such transactions accounted for 2.

The top fund-raising transactions for June’21:

  • CMR Surgical, UK, (USD600m), Series D
  • Element Biosciences, USA (USD 276m), Series C
  • Insilico Medicine, Hong Kong (USD 255m), Series C
  • Quanta, UK (USD 245m), Series D
  • 4G Clinical, USA (USD 230m), Series B

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