DJ Media Print: Niche services in Document Management

DJ Media Print and Logistics Limited, a listed company, is in the niche business of printing and document related services. One of its growing businesses is Document Imaging and Archival Services. As part of this business, DJ Media offers high speed document scanning, and then archival and storage services for the scanned documents. Separately, the company also offers secure storage for physical documents.

These services are relevant for a range of sectors like healthcare organizations, architectural firms and construction companies, education institutions, government agencies, transportation and manufacturing industries. Some of the big clients of DJ Media are hospitals, which need to keep patient diagnosis records for several years.

Document scanning offers numerous benefits, such as saving office space, enhancing information preservation, improving data security, facilitating better collaboration, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, and providing quick and easy access to documents.

The market size of the document scanning industry is estimated to be USD 6.40 billion in 2024, with a projected growth to USD 8.20 billion by 2029, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.09%, according to market research firm Mordor Intelligence.

Among the global leaders in this business is France’s AGS Records Management; it has a global presence including in India. Smooth Solutions Inc is a US based 5-year-old firm that claims to have digitised   over 1 billion documents. DIGI-TEXX is a German-owned Vietnamese company, with clients in US, EU and Asia, it also has operations in Japan.

(Wisdomsmith assists DJ Media Print on Investor Relations).

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